Most likely captain of the team Clark will skate with the third line and Nylander, but this poses an unbalance of sorts along the lines. Although Kozlov is a favorite of Ovenchkin's, Kozlov's skill set doesn't mesh well on the first line. Kozlov doesn't do enough dirty work to allow Backstrom and Ovechkin to use their skills. If there's one thing fans have discovered about Ovechkin it's his unselfish ability to place the team first and put winning first above all else.

Clark may not be the ideal candidate on the top line, but until a better complimentary player emerges he fits nicely. A top line of Ovechkin, Backstrom, & Clark would allow a second line of Semin, Federov, and Fehr. This is a make or break year for Fehr and placing him on the second line to demonstrate his ability to consistently play at this level or be demoted, scratched, or cut. Moving Kozlov to the third line would be no insult because on most teams would covet a top line of Kozlov and Nylander. A third line of Flash/ Laich, Nylander, and Kozlov would appear to also fit well as Nylander would be afforded the luxury of skating and Kozlov the ability to find the soft spot in the open ice to shoot and also have Flash's speed on break aways or Laich's pesky skill around the net. The fourth line would possess the PK unit with Steckel and Gordon along with either Bradley or Brashear on a given night. More about book of mormon tickets stubhub here.

Having the consistency from the first line is important, but equally so is understanding there needs to be a one two scoring punch forcing the rest of the league which line will be uncovered against a weaker defensive pairing. But unlike any point in Caps history they now have a third scoring line and the defenseman to clear the zone, push the puck up the ice and join the attach when needed. It all starts Friday night in Atlanta as the season begins.